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Liquids in motion: bring the beauty of no-gravity fluids into a commercial product photography.

If you ever tried to shoot splashes and other high-speed liquids (like we did on this course), you know how powerful liquid and splash photography is when used in advertising and commercial photography.

However, working with splashes requires special lighting and extra protection of the studio environment and gear, and not always possible for beginner and emerging product photographer.

In this course, you will learn how to shoot amazing zero-gravity fluids with a very basic photography gear:

  • Use your regular studio strobes or speedlites
  • Any camera equipped with 50-150mm lens (macro is not necessary)
  • DIY or a very non-expensive water tanks

Take this course and become one of the first photographers who will use this technique to create stunning photos for art and commercial projects.

This course is for you, if you are:

  • Studio Photographers who is looking for new fresh ideas and techniques for their commercial work
  • Art Creators with camera that want to use new technology in their art
  • Beginners that want to learn one of the most effective technique to bring “WOW” factor to their portfolios and bring publicity to their photography

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