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It’s easy to feel lost and unsure what to do next in the process of painting. That’s why this video was made.
MTG artist Clint Cearley breaks down the painting process into 10 stages and covers what should be done at each stage. From suggestions on generating ideas during the Concept stage to double-checking the anatomy in the armor during the Assessment, every point is listed in text with examples. Suggestions range from the practical to tips picked up from years in the industry.
Focus is given to the topics of reiterating concepts, self-checking for mistakes, and saving time by doing things in order. The outline is general enough to be applicable for most artists, subjects and media. Best for beginners and students though more advanced artists may most appreciate the easy to reference PDF. This painting process guide includes highlight information from many of my other materials on composition, colors, lighting and more.


Painting Process   (download)
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Course Content:

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