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This is a quick class that you can easily get through in half an hour, and you will be so glad you did! As you know, with Illustrator, you can create unlimited color variations using the recolor tool. With it, you can adjust instantly with a color wheel, apply a new colour group you have created, or use a curated color library. Now, in the latest version of Illustrator CC (2021), you can also switch instantly to a color theme you sample directly from artwork or images using the new Color Theme Picker. Play with colors and themes and pick the one that works the best and recolor your artwork at the click of a button!

Each re-colouring technique discussed in the class is backed up with examples and explanation. We will build on information you have learned in other classes, like predicting color trends and sampling color palettes.  My hope is that after seeing all the examples and explanation, you can better grasp how to use this new feature of the recolour tool, and that it will improve and speed up your colouring workflow.

The key concepts I will include:

  • Using the Color Theme button in the recolour tool in Illustrator CC 2021
  • Creating color themes using the Online Adobe Color tool
  • An overview of how to find trending color palettes
  • Approaches you can take in creating color themes from photos
  • Generally, working with the re-colour tool

This is a relevant course for you to take no matter what the end purpose for the artwork you create. If you don’t want to spend tons of time re-colouring from scratch, this may be just the tool for you. This Color Theme Picker is a game-changer! Learn the ins and outs quickly! Here is a quick synopsis of the content:

Intro to the New Recolour Tool in Adobe Illustrator 2021

This short intro will give you an overview of the class. I will give you a good run-down of the course content and the outcomes you should expect.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the New Color Theme Picker in Illustrator’s Recolor Tool

In this lesson, I will introduce you to the new theme picker with a review of the recolour tool. We will also do a little bit of experimenting to see how easy it is to match your artwork to a previous artwork.

Lesson 2: Adobe Color Online for Creating Color Schemes

In this lesson, we will look at the Adobe Color online interface and work with photos to create new color themes. I will show you how seamlessly this integrates with Illustrator through the use of the Adobe Libraries.

Lesson 3: Experimenting with the Color Theme Picker and Photos

In this lesson, we will look at using an existing photo or artwork to recolour our artwork or pattern very quickly. I will show you how choosing different spots in the source art/photo can affect your color theme. It is so fun and easy, you will be enticed into doing plenty of experimenting.

Conclusion, Some Mockups and Wrap-up

We will conclude everything in this lesson with a chat about next steps.

Concepts covered:

Concepts covered include but are not limited to the recolour tool in illustrator, the new theme picker button in the recolour tool, using Adobe Color online, theme choosing, creating themes from photos, matching color from another artwork, hiding and showing anchor points and outlines, simple color theory, and much more.

You will get…

  • a half hour of direction from an instructor who has been in the graphic design business and education for over 40 years
  • knowledge of multiple ways to solve each design challenge
  • handout with a list of helpful online sites to further your education with the recolour tool for Illustrator 2021

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Course content:

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