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18. Suggested gear

This photography class takes a close look at the equipment used throughout this Natural Light Photography course.

It shows exactly what gear Karl uses, what is unnecessary and what pieces of kit make up the absolute essentials. In addition to this, Karl also offers alternative pieces of equipment that you could use if you have an assistant with you.

This course used minimal equipment, proving exactly what you can achieve when you have the knowledge and understanding of light, realise the importance of a good background and creative composition and, importantly, understand how to bring all these elements together.

If you’re starting out in photography or want to get the best from your budget, this course provides some useful information on where you could start when it comes to growing your equipment.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Portrait photography tips
  • Useful equipment for portrait photography
  • Accessories for outdoor portraiture
  • The best equipment for new photographers
  • Photographic accessories for a tight budget
  • The best lenses for portrait photography
  • How to reflect light for portrait photography
  • How to diffuse light for portrait photography

Note: This course is available with English subtitles


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Course content: https://www.karltayloreducation.com/class/suggested-gear/

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