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When you open social media you are surrounded by those beautiful flat lays that seem to be made easy and effortlessly but once you try it on your own, it just does not seem right? Or maybe you can make decent flat lays but each time you want to make one you struggle with ideas and make flat lays without knowing the exact system how it works?

If you recognized yourself in any of these situations, this class is the right one for you. In this class I’ll be teaching you the exact system how the flat lays are created. You will learn about:

⦁ flat lay types

⦁ how to choose the theme of the flat lay

⦁ how to choose your main props and additional props

⦁ composition types and tricks

⦁ lighting tips and tricks

⦁ how to choose the colors of the flat lay

⦁ main editing apps I use every day for flat lays and main editing steps

⦁ and exact system how to shoot a great flat lay.

This class class is aimed primarily at the beginner flat lay shooters with lots of examples and suggestions but will also be valuable for those who already shoot flat lays but do not have a system in place. It will be ideal for small businesses, bloggers or anyone looking to add lifestyle images to their social media feed or blog.


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Course content:

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