Motion Design Upgrade – After Effects Course — Motion By Nick — Free download

Upgrade your skills in this refreshing Motion Design course. No homework required.

What’s in the class?

  • The Basics
    We can’t just dive straight into animation. We need to make sure your files aren’t a mess. We’re going cover things like our animation process, folder structure, file layout, and what plugins can help you on this journey.
  • Animating Scenes
    With the help of my favorite illustrator, I’ve curated 3 scenes for us to animate. Each scene has unique lessons to teach and escalates in difficulty.
  • Bringing it all Together
    After we bring life to each scene, we are going to stitch them all together in a loop with clever transitions and top it off with some nice textures.

What Will You Get?

  • 4+ Hours of Video Lessons
    If you watch my content you know I get to the point. I respect your time. These lessons are not meant to take you an entire semester to finish. When you purchase the class, you get lifetime access to all class content, including all future updates.
  • Project Files
    Once you enroll, you get all the artwork and are free to use it however you choose. If you want to make your own scenes – go crazy. If you just want to learn animation, I’ve prepared After Effects files with the artwork ready to go.
  • Templates and Structures
    Nobody likes a messy animator. I’m giving you the folder structures and templates that I like to use.


Gumroad – Motion Design Upgrade (After Effects Course).part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
Gumroad – Motion Design Upgrade (After Effects Course).part2.rar  (2.50 GB)

Course content:

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