Mood & Light: Creating and Enhancing Emotion in Your Images with Marissa Gifford | File Size  1.3 GB| Free download

I am so excited to share my newest venture with you all and I hope you love it. This week-long breakout session includes a 145 page PDF full of information and imagery, 4 editing videos (totaling 100+ minutes) and 2 of my favorite actions. All for only $30!

I’ll share my shooting and processing tips to enhance the emotion in your images. You’ll look at how images processed in various ways can dramatically alter the mood and the emotional response it elicits in viewers. I’ll discuss the role color symbolism can play in your shooting and processing choices and how different qualities of light can directly impact the mood and emotion in your work. With various mini-assignments you’ll be encouraged to recognize your unique shooting/processing style, re-process your images in various ways, and do some soul searching to shoot/process an image that expresses an emotion you’d like to explore. By the end of this breakout, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to intentionally use and combine these various facets to help your work pack an emotional punch. I’d love for you to join me on this journey to explore your own emotional peaks and valleys and learn to intentionally translate that to your photography.


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Course content:

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