Ultimate Guide to Substance Painter — MoGraph Mentor — Free download

Do you want to make stylized, textured 3d artwork? If so, this course is for you. Remington Markham will walk you through the basics of unwrapping, importing, and texturing 3d models in Substance Painter. Learn to build beautiful, textured scenes in this hands-on workshop.

What you’ll learn from this workshop

You will learn to take models from your 3D app (C4D & Blender covered in this course) bring them into Substance Painter, unwrap a UV, paint custom textures, export textures from Substance, and import for render in C4D and Blender.

We’ll also cover using the C4D standard render engine, Redshift, and Octane. You will also learn to import Substance Painter materials in Blender, using Cycles. How to create and use ID maps. Introduction to Substance link. Introduction to Substance source, share, and CC0 Textures.  Exporting from C4D and Blender to Substance.


Ultimate Guide To Stylized 3D Textures with Substance Painter.part1…   (download)
2.93 GB
Ultimate Guide To Stylized 3D Textures with Substance Painter.part2…   (download)
2.93 GB
Ultimate Guide To Stylized 3D Textures with Substance Painter.part3…   (download)
2.93 GB
Ultimate Guide To Stylized 3D Textures with Substance Painter.part4…   (download)
1.16 GB

Course content: https://www.mographmentor.com/workshops/substance-painter-guide-remington-markham/


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