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Native Instruments Reaktor Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming.

Let’s be real: Native Instruments’ Reaktor can be intimidating at first glance. But behind the complexity is an incredibly powerful modular synthesis environment that can create anything from synthesizers, grooveboxes, and sequencers to sample transformers, sound generators, and effects.

In Reaktor Modular Synthesis with David Earl, you’ll learn how to tweak Reaktor’s 70+ included instruments and make your own from scratch. David is Native Instrument’s product specialist and he knows the software inside and out. He’ll teach:

Reaktor Basics:

  • Working with Ensembles, Instruments, Macros and Modules
  • Oscillators, filters and amplifiers
  • Parameters like pitch, wave type, filters, resonance and cutoff
  • Linear and event messages

Additive Synthesis: 

  • Creating a partial with math modules
  • Working with amplifiers and modulators

FM Synthesis: 

  • What IS FM synthesis and how does it work?
  • Changing partials into operators for FM synthesis
  • Creating an approximation of the FM 8 using a mod matrix


  • Different types of samplers: FM, Loop, Grain
  • Creating sample maps
  • Creating hybrid synths

Reaktor doesn’t have to be overwhelming, David will help you overcome the fear of Reaktor’s complexity and unlock its potential.

Topics Covered



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Course content:

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