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The boldly creative mixer Tchad Blake returns! Join him in the studio for an exploration of his fully ITB mix session of the imaginative rock song ‘Heart of a Dog’ by The Kills. Tchad introduces the project, plays the rough mix he received, compares it to his final mix, and shows you exactly how he got there. Watch him navigate the expansive multi-track session to hear the many raw audio tracks, then see how he combines and intuitively processes them to impart his notable signature sound on the record. Tchad reveals his approach, signal chains and template with a selection of his favourite plug-ins and an instinctive workflow. You’ll see his parameter settings and hear his commentary on various topics including sound field enhancement, modulation, drastic effects, tape emulation, distortion, harmonic excitement, EQ, compression, multi-band limiting, and much more!

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TJ Tejayson

Thanks so much for these! More MWTM and Pure Mix please!