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How to Become a World-Class Speaker, Inspire & Influence People, and Make Your Message Go Viral

Whether it’s sharing your ideas and making a point at a work meeting or a random encounter at a party, seminar, or on the street – your ability to communicate is arguably the single most important skill in your life.

Have you ever dreamed of being so masterful in front of an audience that you can instantly make an impression?

Or to communicate your ideas and proposals better at business meetings or sales presentations?

Or to share an idea so well on social media that it goes viral?

If so, you’re on the right track. In fact, numerous studies show that people with strong communication skills consistently enjoy greater income, higher self-esteem, happier families and relationships, and even better health.

Unfortunately, many of us still believe that only a lucky few have the natural talent to be powerful communicators.

But is this true? Are all those charismatic speakers, persuasion experts, top sales people, empathic communicators, and master orators really just born that way?

Or did they simply discover how to access a power that’s already inside each of us?

Introducing the World’s Most Advanced Public Speaking Course

In 5 hours total time over 30 days (an average of 10 mins of training a day), Lisa trains you to find and confidently speak your truth, captivate any person or audience with your natural charisma, and channel your deepest emotions to inspire, persuade, and motivate the people around you.

This program is designed using the Mindvalley Quest model of learning – making learning as fun an addictive as a computer game. Every day you only have to invest 10 mins of your time on average. Each lesson teaches you a small yet powerful nuance of masterful speaking.

As the days go by, you pick up more and more advanced skills and by Day 30, you will likely be one of the powerful speakers in your organization.

Even if you’re nerve-wracked or introverted. Even if you’re completely inexperienced. Even if you think communication isn’t your strong point – let Lisa guide you through the process and you’ll emerge with the breathtaking ability to speak & inspire.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Uncover And Own Your Voice:

    unearth the unique and powerful message you were born to fearlessly share with the world.

  2. Hone Your Natural Magnetism:

    discover how to be a more charismatic communicator and become a natural leader.

  3. Develop Unshakeable Confidence:

    dust off the nervousness and anxiety, and wow anyone with your cool sense of confidence and authenticity.

  4. Become A Star Performer At Work:

    gain the confidence to share your ideas and impress others in any situation, from client negotiations to team meetings.

  5. Strengthen Your Relationships:

    channel greater love, compassion, and empathy into your conversations with the people you care about most.

  6. Become A Master Storyteller:

    watch people fall madly in love with you as you share emotion-driven stories that captivate your listeners from start to finish. This is a huge advantage of you’re using social media.

  7. Engage Any Audience (As Small As 1 Or As Big As 1,000):

    whether it’s on stage or in front of an intimate group, you’ll have the power to command any crowd.

  8. Get Higher Speaking Fees and More Engagements:

    The tools you will learn will cause you to get more standing ovations and make you more in demand as a speaker.


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Course content: https://www.mindvalley.com/speak/

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