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Experience the Fastest, Easiest Path Towards Balancing Your Chakras & Your Life

To the seeker of energetic healing, free-flowing abundance, and total wellness:

Imagine you’re offered a roadmap…

And on this roadmap are precise directions pointing you towards your greatest life.

Not only that, but this roadmap also gives you the key to unlocking your true personal power…

And even shows you exactly how to rise above the obstacles holding you back from greater wealth, health, purpose, and love.

If such a roadmap existed, would you choose to use it?

Most people don’t realize that each of us is born with this exact kind of guide.

It’s the energetic ecosystem flowing within you, known as your chakras.

Your chakras are the gatekeepers of your fullest potential. And the silent architects of every element of your life and personal nature.

But your chakras need your attention and cooperation in order to serve you fully.

And when you don’t heed what they’re trying to tell you, you’re pulled away from your highest destiny – in the form of energy-sapping detours. Dead ends. And obstacles that leave you feeling lost, frustrated, and stranded.

The good news is that with the right aid, it’s easy to understand and work with your Chakras.

Anodea Judith is one of the modern world’s most revered energy workers: and through her practical, easy-to-follow coaching – which harmonizes both ancient chakra healing wisdom and modern clinical psychology – she is now here to help you decipher your own energetic roadmap. And use it to move towards awe-inspiring outcomes in all dimensions of your life.

Chakra Healing For Your Mind, Body & Spirit

The Chakra Healing program embodies Anodea Judith’s potent holistic approach to energy healing – which engages every aspect of your being for extraordinary personal growth and transformation.

By tapping into your mind, body, and spirit, she rapidly pinpoints and heals the energetic roots of even your most stubborn personal barriers – and in turn takes you far beyond conventional energy healing that only treats the symptoms.

In this program, you’ll benefit from Anodea’s vast knowledge, distilled from her Masters in clinical psychology, her Doctorate in mind-body healing, and over 4 decades of study in the ancient science of the Chakras…

  • As you take a deep dive into your true energetic nature which embodies:
  • Your MIND: by exploring your mental models developed during key developmental stages of your childhood.
  • Your BODY: through simple, easy-to-follow yoga and bioenergetic exercises.
  • Your SPIRIT: by expanding your consciousness and addressing your larger universal experience.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Healing Traumas

    Find out how to harness energy healing to pinpoint past emotional and psychological traumas – and heal them permanently, freeing you from negative thought and behavioral patterns.

  2. Discover A New Path To Healing

    Heal your mind, body, and spirit by erasing energetic blocks and illness-causing patterns in each of your seven Chakras. This can be a tremendous complement to your normal medical and alternative healing practices.

  3. Achieve Profound Self-Awareness:

    Explore the energetic essence of yourself, and discover your most authentic nature, path, and purpose – far beyond the societal programming you’ve been conditioned with all your life.

  4. Awaken Your Intuition:

    Access your inner compass, and harness an infinite ocean of wisdom and clarity – allowing you to make better decisions, understand other people’s motivations, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

  5. Reconnect With Your Spiritual Side:

    Raise your vibrations, and rediscover your connection to your spiritual side: the Higher version of you who embodies infinite possibility, and exists beyond your perceived limitations.

  6. Communication

    You speak with clarity and confidence, and never fear speaking your mind with your colleagues, your boss, and your family.

  7. Manifest Your Dreams:

    When you energize your Chakras, you’ll notice their corresponding areas of life flourish. Use this ability to rapidly manifest your dreams and desires in anything from your career and finances, to your health and relationships.

  8. Ascend Towards Oneness:

    Tap into your personal definition of a Higher Power – be it God, the Universe, or Collective Consciousness. And harness this connection to feel secure, connected, and supported at all times.

  9. Achieve Unconditional Self-Love & Acceptance:

    Rise above the rules and expectations society has imposed on you – and instead learn to deeply, perpetually love yourself for the unique individual you are.


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Course content:

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