The Art of Selling Portraits by Bradford Rowley — Million Dollar Photographer — Free download

This is your chance to get into the mind behind the Milllion Dollar Photographer blog, Mr Bradford Rowley.
If you want to make top dollar sales with high end products and reach premium clients, check this out

12 Reasons to Attend This Bootcamp

  1. Learn from someone who has sold over 17 million dollars in portraits since 2008
  2. Learn closing strategies for almost every objection
  3. Learn the alternative to hard selling which is a turn-off to the sophisticated clientele
  4. Learn the key phrases that put a client at ease, not on edge
  5. Why BOTH selling a la carte and selling in packages is a HUGE mistake Learn the alternative to both that will make you many times more.
  6. Clearly Understand the Psychology behind clients spending 20k+ for a single portrait (which we get almost every single month)
  7. Learn the 10 Laws of Pricing that most photographers violate
  8. How to command top dollar when everyone around you is in a race to the bottom
  9. Learn to eliminate almost all buyer’s remorse
  10. Learn the interview questions that will help you hire a killer sales person and how to keep them motived and performing at the highest levels
  11. Success strategies of the top 2%
  12. Why selling portraits is the best kept secret out there…even among photographers!


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Course content:

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