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When you learn how to use masks, layers and curves non-destructively to edit effectively, it changes everything. So, I brought in Ben Willmore, author of over a dozen Photoshop books, who has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to use Photoshop in addition to being in the Photoshop Hall of Fame.

Ben watched how I edit in curves and designed this program to teach you everything you need to understand about the tools in order to master my editing techniques. Join Ben and me as we take you through masks, layers and the curves tool. I will edit an image in BOTH of my styles, dark and rich and light and airy. Ben will then take apart ALL of my steps and walk you through them. He will also offer many tips on how to speed up your workflow.

This class will become your go to class for understanding how masks, layers and curves work. And, do not think this is ONLY for beginners. I learned a few new tricks today as well.

And, for the final piece of the excitement, Ben and I created and designed a RAY OF LIGHT brush that is BRAND NEW and optimized for the most beautiful light effect you will ever want to create which is included in your purchase.

Ben is flat-out the best Photoshop instructor I’ve ever worked with. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Read the reviews on this page!


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