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Maya mash is an incredible tool to create procedural kind of work inside maya. It is a very new kind of tool set that maya has introduced which  is really nice tool to make tedious work in a such a fashion which will reduce time of all artist. Maya mash is not something like you do it with manual approach.

This tool set is extremely handy to make ton of similar kind of jobs in a very few span of time. Therefore maya mash tool is now very popular to populate a vast area in a second by using this which is an opportunity to make any kind of foliage vegetation and environmental repetitive work which was done earlier by maya particle instancer. Though the concept of this maya mash is instancer, but it is very powerful than normal maya instancer, because of you can do motion graphics kind of work with this tool set. So here I am presenting this short course that how you are going to use this maya mash tool to get this kind of foliage for vegetation kind of natural effects pretty easily.

The main thing is this that knowing is and doing is something totally different. Because the workflow is going to be the best practice of this workflow otherwise you can complicate things very easily. If you don’t know the proper workflow, so in this course you are going to learn that actual handy workflow that you are going to use this maya mash with your ideas.

In This Course You Are Going To Learn

  1. How are you going to use this Maya mash network and usage of the feature called waiter as necessary to get your viewport lighter and render faster so that you cannot drop the FPS of your viewport  drastically
  2. Usage of strength waiter by which you can create roads or any kind of area which is not populated and by using randomness and noise waiter and texture respectively you can get variations in your scene so after doing this short course you can do any kind of scene based on nature pretty easily

Incase if you have any kind of difficulties then you can always ask questions and I am really happy to help you. See you in the class.

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Thank You 

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Course Content:

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