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Mastering Product Retouching, Part 2: Intermediate

So you have a handle on the basics of product retouching like setting up your workspace, adjusting camera raw files and bringing them into Photoshop, doing essential cleanup and maybe some light dodging and burning. Then you’re ready to deepen your skill set by learning the topics covered in Part 2 of our Mastering Product Retouching series.

In Part 2 of this special series, professional retoucher Artem Pissarevskiy focuses on the next level of product retouching, from exposure blending and making complex selections to smart object manipulation and grain matching.

Take your retouching skills to the next level.

Join Artem Pissarevskiy as he teaches you:

– How to blend exposures

– The ins and outs of Blending modes

– Intermediate cloning techniques

– Tricks & tips for dust removal

– how to work with the Mixer Brush

– The essentials of micro Dodging & Burning

– How to make complex selections using a combination of tools

– The essentials of color correction

– Smart object manipulation

– How to use Liquify, Warping, and Puppet Warp to reshape elements in your image

– How to make nuanced adjustments to your image using a Black and White adjustment layer

– The pros and cons of three different sharpening methods

– How to create realistic grain to match your image

And as a bonus, you also receive an in-depth start-to-finish, step-by-step retouch of a second image so you can follow along as Artem puts all of the fundamental techniques into practice!


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Course content:

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