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Do you know that great looking photos can dramatically make a difference in what the perceived value is of the item you are photographing? Yes, it’s true. Several years ago I started helping my wife build her eBay business while creating the photos of jewelry and small products that she was selling. Over and over again I saw her sell her items on eBay for many times more than what she paid for them. Her items sometimes would sell for 35 or 50 times more than what she paid. Sometimes even more than that.

What’s the difference between the items? Nothing, except the photos that she showed were beautiful. They were lit and composed beautifully, had interesting backgrounds and overall, had the look that you might see in the photographs displayed at high end jewelers and department stores. As the result, this gave them a much higher perceived value and her customers were willing to pay more for these items.

You are probably wondering, what’s the big deal? What makes these photos look so great? Can anyone learn to take photos like these? Yes, I absolutely believe anyone can? Here’s why:

I have been a professional photographer for many years. Our studio specialized in portrait & wedding photography and we were quite busy. When she asked me to help her take her photos of jewelry and small products she started selling, I started doing so in a simple, easy and quick way since I didn’t have too much time to spend on her photos, I was quite busy taking my own photos and running the studio.

What started as a simple and quick photo session of her items, has evolved through the years. I was able to fine tune the lighting, the set-up and overall way we photographed her items. Our method has remained simple, quick, easy to learn, and consistent. We step into our small studio room we have designated for taking these photos, turn on the lights, and begin the photography.

This course is based on using an iPhone for your camera, along with certain apps that can help you improve your photography and editing of your jewelry and small products. You will learn to take beautiful professional looking photographs using your phone or tablet, or any other camera really.

Also covered in this course are several lighting techniques that you can use along with light modifiers to help you fine tune your images to professional levels.

If you would like to learn how you can take photos of the small products or jewelry using your phone’s camera, consider enrolling in this course. Instead of photographing your items on a carpet or bed spread with bad lighting. Say NO to bad photos and start making more money. Whether you are selling your own products on your own website or small products on eBay, I truly believe this course can help you.

Here’s what’s covered:

1. Course Introduction
2. Camera/Phone Gear
3. My Main LED Light Source
4. An Economical Light Source
5. Additional LED Light Source
6. Fluorescent Light Source
7. Window Light
8. Making a Reflector
9. Reflector Demo
10. More on Reflectors
11. Soften and Diffuse Light Modifie
12. Setting Up Your Table
13. More on Background Sweeps & Seemless Paper
14. Using a Plexiglass Shooting Table
15. Background Adventures
16. The Use of Props
17. Light Box Intro & Use
18. Light Box & Props
19. Light Box Photoshoot: Ivory Heart Necklace
20. Light Box Photoshoot: Gold Bracelet
21. Light Box Post Process Heart Necklace
22. Face Jug Photoshoot: Intro
23. Face Jug Photoshoot: Building & Expanding Our Setup
24. Face Jug Photoshoot: Getting The Most From Your Photo Shooting Table
25. Face Jug Photoshoot: Using a Photo Light Box
26. Photoshoots: Several Actual photoshoots to demonstrate the lighting techniques and set ups taught in this course.
27. Several Lighting Techniques Used to Photograph a Bracelet
28. Camera & Post Process Apps
29. Organize, View and Image Editing on your Desktop
30. A Few Tips & Tricks When Using Adobe Photoshop
31. A Few Advanced Techniques When Using Adobe Photoshop
32. A Look at Another Amazing Photo Editor

And more…..

It really doesn’t take any more time taking outstanding and professional looking photos. I even show you several lighting methods and techniques you can use. Some of them cost very little and some of them are free.

There’s even a pretty good chance that you may already own a phone that has a camera that is more than adequate and has the potential to produce amazing photos. The only thing that may be missing is the knowledge you need to start taking more professional looking photos by using the methods I show you, step by step, in this course. Enroll today, say NO to bad photos and start making more money.


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