Lesson on Photo Processing 2020 — Maria Strutinskaya — Free download

It is told how I take my forest photographs from an idea and finding a place to shooting and processing. Shows step-by-step processing of all photos from the collage. Demonstrates all my tricks when processing various scenes: processing a large portrait, cold greens, warm greens, turning cold greens into warm ones, spectacular photographs in blooming gardens.
The lesson consists of a basic and creative part. In addition to the video, a detailed text file with a step-by-step description of all my actions is attached to the lesson.


Basic part
1. Layers and masks
2. Ashkens and saved settings. How to install ready-made. How to record yourself.
3. Skin retouching (elimination of defects, smoothing of the relief, elimination of reflexes and redness).
4. Techniques for enhancing contrast in general and in certain areas of the image.
5. The effect of “glow”. 2 ways. Using standard Photoshop tools and using the nik color efex pro plugin
6. Adding bokeh on New Year’s frames.
7. Get rid of the “garbage” in the frame. People, wires, etc.
8. Change the proportions of the photo while preserving the details (When you really want all the photos to be removed on Instagram).
9. Preparation of images for posting on the Internet. Add sharpness to the photo.
10. How to enlarge a photo with minimal artifacts for large format printing.
11. Lightroom. My main actions. Demonstration of full commercial shooting.

Creative part
1. Processing a large portrait
2. Cold greens
3. Warm greens
4. Converting cold greens to warm
5. Spectacular photographs in blooming gardens.

– textual description of all manipulations with photos;
– The source JPEG files of all the photos parsed in the lesson, to develop the skills shown in the lesson;
– Translation of basic Photoshop tools from English into Russian;
– Basic presets for Photoshop with color settings, which I use most often;
– blanks to add the effect of New Year’s bokeh and flying petals.

Processing takes place in the English versions of Lightroom and Photoshop.


Maria Strutinskaya – Lesson on photo processing 2020 (2019).part1.rar   (download)
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Maria Strutinskaya – Lesson on photo processing 2020 (2019).part2.rar   (download)
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Maria Strutinskaya – Lesson on photo processing 2020 (2019).part3.rar   (download)
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Maria Strutinskaya – Lesson on photo processing 2020 (2019).part4.rar   (download)
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Course content: http://strutinskaya.ru/obuchenie

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