Managing Data and Memory Allocation in C by Zachary Bennett — Pluralsight — Free download

There are far too many programs and applications today that use too much memory. These computer programs take advantage of the relatively large amount of memory available on the average computer today. In this course, Managing Data and Memory Allocation in C, you will learn how to dynamically allocate memory in a safe and efficient manner. First, you’ll explore the different memory segments available to a C program and you’ll learn how memory is dynamically allocated from the heap segment. Next, you’ll discover the different memory functions available for use within the C standard library and how to use pointers along with these functions and arrays in order to dynamically allocate and free memory at runtime. Finally, you’ll learn how to allocate memory for data structures in your application. You will create your own fixed-block memory pool manager. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of memory management within C needed to create safe and memory-efficient programs and applications.

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