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This course will guide you how to build, manage, and deploy numerous apps—including virtual apps and Office 365 apps—with SCCM.

This course includes

  • How to create and deploy applications.
  • Making choice of the method of application detection.
  • What are benefits of SCCM deployment adn how to achieve.
  • You will be able to make depletion of applications through support from PowerShell scripts.
  • This couse will help you in controlling application supersedence and removal.
  • You will be at you comfort zone to manage as well as deploy virtual applications.
  • Lean how to create virtual apps with help from the App-V Sequencer.
  • Lessons will show you the way to manage and deploy Microsoft Store plus Office 365 apps.


Course name Manage Apps with Configuration Manager
Official source: Lynda
Language English
Duaration 4.54 h
Last updated: 11/20/2018
Lesson 24 lessons
Total size 0.14 GB
Type Video Online
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