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When one photo doesn’t do justice to a scene, take several—and then stitch them together into a panorama. In this course, Rich Harrington details every step in the process, from shooting to stitching. Rich begins with a look at the creative options provided by panoramic photographs. He then describes the technical details for getting great original shots: how to properly mount the camera on a tripod, how to overlap each shot, which lenses deliver best results, and more. After shooting a variety of panoramas, he shows how to process them using various software tools, from Lightroom to Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.

Topics include:

  • Choosing your gear
  • Compensating for the nodal point
  • Leveling the camera platform
  • Locking exposure and focus
  • Shooting with the GigaPan system
  • Shooting HDR panoramas
  • Shooting a 360-degree panorama
  • Managing data from a panorama shoot
  • Keeping your photos organized
  • Reducing noise and removing dust with Camera Raw
  • Assembling panoramas with Photoshop
  • Assembling panoramas with Lightroom Classic


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Course content:




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