Lumen: Make the world your portrait studio (Full) – Damien Lovegrove | File Size  7.3 GB| Free download

A feature length training video using flash on location by Damien Lovegrove


This feature length production includes…

• 25 chapters filled with simple, effective tips and strategies for creating beautiful portraits with medium powered flash units
• Easy to follow and replicable techniques to improve your flash photography
• Knowledge suitable for users of any flash system or camera brand
• Aimed at photography professionals, enthusiastic hobbyists and students alike
• 2 hour 24 minute runtime, shot in full HD 1080p in real time so you can see the action from start to finish
• Every image includes meta data to enhance your understanding of the settings used
• A wide range of locations including country houses both inside and out, busy city streets, tree lined parks, seafronts and even an abandoned hospital!
• Enthralling content that will leave you wanting more
• A lifetime of lighting education delivered in less than 3 hours
• Directed and presented by one of the most infectious and enthusiastic characters in photography


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Course content: