Lumen: Make the world your portrait studio (Full) – Damien Lovegrove | File Size  7.3 GB| Free download

A feature length training video using flash on location by Damien Lovegrove


This feature length production includes…

• 25 chapters filled with simple, effective tips and strategies for creating beautiful portraits with medium powered flash units
• Easy to follow and replicable techniques to improve your flash photography
• Knowledge suitable for users of any flash system or camera brand
• Aimed at photography professionals, enthusiastic hobbyists and students alike
• 2 hour 24 minute runtime, shot in full HD 1080p in real time so you can see the action from start to finish
• Every image includes meta data to enhance your understanding of the settings used
• A wide range of locations including country houses both inside and out, busy city streets, tree lined parks, seafronts and even an abandoned hospital!
• Enthralling content that will leave you wanting more
• A lifetime of lighting education delivered in less than 3 hours
• Directed and presented by one of the most infectious and enthusiastic characters in photography


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Course content:

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can not become premium member. Please help.

Course Digger

What is the problem? It takes 1 minute to register then get it upgraded by the provided payment method.


I did register but I did get any email in my account to go to next step.


I did register but I did not get any email in my account to go to next step.

Course Digger

You actually set the login password during registration process. No email confirmation required. Just login. Otherwise, take a look on the spam box.
We are making some needed modifications on the registration page to make our policies clear.


I registered again and waiting for email.