Lose Weight without Dieting — Udemy — Published 1/2021 — Free download

Weight loss by simple lifestyle changes.

What you’ll learn

  • Weight loss without dieting. How to start a simple lifestyle change for natural weight loss.


  • No prerequisites


Do you want to lose weight without dieting and keep the weight off for good?

So many people have success with starting healthy living journeys in order to lose weight naturally without dieting.

The difference between those who do lifestyle changes and those who diet is that dieters have an unhealthy relationship with food. That relationship often leads to binge eating on cheat days and drowning in guilt, because of food choices.

You can become a natural eater by learning how to eat the foods you love in moderation to enjoy them, but not overeat on them.

How you feel and what you think have just as much impact on your health as what you put into your body. Lifestyle change journeys incorporate your overall wellness into your quest to achieve weight loss.

Having knowledge and feeling confident about your food choices builds an individual’s emotional and psychological well-being. This helps to reduces stress and promotes emotional and phycological health.

You can be successful with losing weight naturally without a diet!

There will be a lot of unlearning of incorrect dieting habits, and a lot of relearning of healthy eating habit on your weight loss path. As you make new healthy food choices, you will escape into the bliss of your new lifestyle journey where will be confidence in your food selections, and not fearful of weight gain.

Your nutrition doesn’t have to be “perfect”. You will eat the foods you love without guilt, because you’ll learn to be satisfied without overeating. This is where you’ll finally find freedom with food.

In a few short weeks, you will learn your body, become a natural eater, and develop the skills you’ll need to keep the weight off forever.

Imagine being able to thoroughly enjoy eating without counting calories and carbohydrates!

Can you imagine being satisfied with only 1 slice of pizza? If your answer was “no” then your answer was the same as mine when I first began my lifestyle change journey. It seemed impossible, however, I was able to it. You can also have this same success in your journey!

I gave up low carb dieting, because I kept gaining the weight back. I lost 40 pounds naturally and kept it off.

By improving my relationship with food, I was able to rid myself of the hopelessness of weigh loss. You may also struggle with your relationship with food and feel helpless. It stems from disappointment of not being able to reach your goals.

Have you ever found yourself saying “I just can’t eat 1 or 2 cookies, that is too hard for me?” You can overcome this feeling of not being in control. Yes, it is possible for you!

I used to cry real tears because of the yo-yo dieting effect. The constant struggle of my weight going up and down left me emotionally distraught. I used to cry because all I wanted to do was eat like a normal person, and not gain weight. The stress and despair of not being successful in my efforts caused me to overeat even more.

This was until I decided to attempt weight loss without dieting. I started a healthy living journey and it changed my life, and relationship with food forever. I lost 40 pounds. I have maintained this weight loss for 2 years now. I created this course to teach others exactly how I did it. It is my desire to help others that struggle the way I did achieve weight loss naturally without dieting.

In this course, I will teach you the steps to transform your eating habits to loss weight and maintain your weight loss results.

How is this possible?

In this course you will learn:

1. How to improve your eating habits without changing your whole diet.

2. The effective strategies to lose weight while eating carbohydrates.

3. Mastering the skills of portion control.

4. Hidden healthy foods that cause weight gain.

5. What slows your metabolism.

6. How to boosts your metabolism and kick your body into fat burning mode.

7. How to eat sugar in moderation.

8. How to lose at least 5 pounds and between 5-10 inches of body fat in just 4 short weeks. You repeat the steps to keep losing weight month after month. Slower and progressive weight loss is permanent weight loss.

9. How to lose weight without dieting.

10. And so much more!

With a 30 Day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. For any reason you are unsatisfied, you can request a full refund. There will be no questions asked.

If you are here, then you are ready! The hardest part is getting started and trusting the process. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be able to reach your healthy living and weight loss goals.

I look forward to seeing you inside of this course!

Who this course is for:

  • Those struggling with losing weight and keeping it off. This course was created to guide students through the necessary steps for natural weight loss without restrictive eating.


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