Lofi Jazz Hip Hop for Beginners with Josh Bess — Groove 3 — Free download

Production wiz Josh Bess presents a step by step Lofi Jazz Hip Hop production video tutorial series! See how to create your first beat in this trending genre, including sound design, editing, mixing and mastering for a finished, professional sounding song. These videos are designed for beginner producers looking to make their first Lofi Jazz Hip Hop beat and includes course extras to create your own music and follow along with the videos.

A basic understanding of music production in Live 10 is recommended to get the most out of this course, but you can also apply this info to any DAW, so anyone can learn and benefit from the instruction. To start, Josh welcomes you and shows you how to import audio recordings from a Jazz recording session into your DAW, and then a helpful chopping technique used to rearrange the rhythm and melody of the jazz recording.

Next, Josh covers how to smooth the edges of chopped samples with fades in your DAW, arrange hi-hat and snare parts, add atmosphere via a field recording, create a vintage radio effect with filters in your DAW, how to organize your song arrangement with a common consolidation technique, and much more.

Moving on Josh gets into mixing and mastering your beat, first with track level balancing, widening the stereo image with panning, cleaning up and making space for the different sounds with EQ, adding punch and evening out levels with compression, as well as how to use reverb to blend different tracks, and add vinyl crackle and distortion for that lofi sound.

Wrapping it all up, you’ll see how to use Frequency Spectrum analyzers when making important EQ and stereo image widening decisions, using master track EQ, compression and limiting to glue everything together for a cohesive sound, and finally how to export your final master to share with the world.

To see what these in-depth Lofi Jazz Hip Hop production tutorials show you, and how you can create your first Lofi Jazz Hip Hop beat quick and easy, see the individual Lofi Jazz Hip Hop video tutorial descriptions on this page. Get down and dirty with the Lofi Jazz Hip Hop genre today… Watch “Lofi Jazz Hip Hop for Beginners” now!


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Course content: https://www.groove3.com/tutorials/Lofi-Jazz-Hip-Hop-for-Beginners

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