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For this live photography talk show Karl is joined by professional retoucher Viktor Fejes. Viktor, who presents our Advanced Photoshop for Photographers course with Karl, has an international clientele and knows how to produce top results quickly.

Viktor joined Karl to discuss all things relating to retouching, from image storage to practicing and promoting your work. He also fielded many of the tougher questions relating to the industry, including the impact retouching has on body perception, the ethics relating to retouching, what impact CGI is having on the photographic industry and why you shouldn’t use frequency separation.

For those more interested in the technical side of retouching, Viktor also shared some useful retouching advice, his choice of rendering software and explained how he handles data storage and project workflow.

Topics covered in this live photography talk show:

  • Photography retouching
  • What is a professional retoucher
  • Why we retouch
  • How to grow and promote your business
  • CGI and the impact on the photographic industry
  • The ethics of retouching
  • Recommended CGI software
  • Retouching techniques
  • Retoucher-client relationships


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Course content: https://www.karltayloreducation.com/class/live-talk-show-with-special-guest-viktor-fejes/

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