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Live Talk Show – Animal Photographer Tim Flach

World-renowned animal photographer Tim Flach is known for his artistic studio portraits of animals. He often creates deliberately ambiguous close-up portraits in order to provoke questions from the viewer.

Tim joined Karl in studio to talk about his career, explore the concepts of anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism as well as how we, as humans, project emotion onto our subject.

With wonderful openness and charm, Tim shares some of his funnier encounters and provides unique insight into many of the shots in his latest book, ‘Endangered’. This fascinating talk is a much watch for anyone interested in photography (and even those who aren’t).

Topics covered in this live photography talk show:

  •  The concepts of anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism
  •  How people transform pictures into meaning
  •  The human visual response to color
  •  The photographic medium as a tool in conservation
  •  Suitable lighting modifiers for photographing animals
  •  Modifying light sources for smaller animals
  •  Shooting and preparing photographs for publication and printing


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