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Learn about the importance of creative sensibility—and find your own unique perspective!

Throughout his years of being a successful illustrator and designer, Andy J. Pizza realized that good creative work isn’t about having technical skill, but is more about being able to bring all your experiences and inspirations into what you make. In this 50-minute class—recorded using Zoom and featuring participation from the Skillshare community—he shares his philosophy of creative sensibility and gives you some tools for discovering your own creative genius.

First, you’ll hear a little bit of Andy’s story, including some early failures that helped him understand the value of creative sensibility. Next, you’ll explore the creative sensibilities of several successful artists to see how various influences can come together to create a signature style. Finally, Andy will leave you with an activity to start to define your own creative sensibility.

No matter what creative medium you work in, this shift in perspective is bound to benefit you. Plus, this is an exercise you can do over and over again as you grow and change as a creative, so it will be helpful regardless of what stage of the creative journey you’re on. And all you need to participate is a writing utensil and paper, and a willingness to do some introspection and exploration!

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