02/2019 update! Free download links! Linux Bash Shell Scripting: Complete Guide (Incl. AWK & SED) – Udemy!

A course with Linux shell scripting, learn from beginner to become an expert and let’s dance your bash programming skills.

What you’ll learn in this course?

  • Learn how to use parameters to create PRO looking script.
  • Get the ability to manage functions in script.
  • Learn all things to read files line by line with while loop.
  • Guides to utilize math in scripts.
  • Study and get instruction to store commands output into an array.
  • Learn how to handle and Use SED and AWK to make your scripts reach the next level.

Download Linux Bash Shell Scripting: Complete Guide (Incl. AWK & SED)

Course name: Linux Bash Shell Scripting: Complete Guide (Incl. AWK & SED)
Official source: Udemy
Authors: Richard Böhm
Last updated: 2/2019
Total size: 1.73 GB
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Linux Bash Shell Scripting: Complete Guide (Incl. AWK & SED) Files – Free download

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Only Part 1 is available. The links to Parts 2, 3, & 4 are dead.