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A lot of photographers ‘fail’ at posing because they learn to memorize a few poses that they try with every person. When a pose doesn’t work, they try another instead of understanding how to fix the original pose to better flatter each individual. You don’t need to memorize 50 poses– start with a few go to and really understand the fundamentals of posing in order to make tweaks and bring out the best in everyone.

EVENTUALLY you’ll be able to notice problems on a shoot, make small changes to improve them, and drastically increase your number of successful shots. This saves you time and then ups your number of sellable images. Who doesn’t want that?

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

I’ll put up an image. Give you a moment to review it. Then I’ll show you some of the problems I’m seeing, and what I think I can do to fix it. Then I’ll be sharing a possible posing solution with you. There are endless ways to fix a pose, but I’ll give you one solution to start with to help you see how my brain is improving posing in my sessions.

I’ve got examples for every photographer! I’ll be using examples of men, women, couples, curvy women and even a family shoot.

Train your eye for perfect posing, and use this webinar to get you started!


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