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I’ve invested several thousands of hours doing the research, conducting the field tests, and building the system…

So you can save time and avoid the untold pain and anguish. I already spent over 10 years of my life doing this, and now I can share the very best findings to get you the permanent success with women you’re looking for… in the fastest way possible.

This also means I have a ruthless focus on results.

I’m not interested in “kumbaya” self-help bullshit. I want you to find success.

That means every single strategy and tactic in Limitless works, because I’ve tested it (and tested it, and tested it) over 10 years in my own life and with thousands of clients. I’m committed to giving you…


No matter how comprehensive Limitless is, you’ll invariably get stuck. It’s just natural. The one thing that helped was being able to turn to more experience people and ask how they’d handled it.

That access is priceless and can literally save you years and tens of thousands of dollars of heartache.

Limitless includes a full support community where you can ask questions from other beginners, advanced students with more social experience, and our fully certified staff of dating coaches.

Imagine being surrounded by guys who want you to succeed, who are there to cheer you on, and who are eager to share what’s working for them.

I’ve also added built-in accountability through specific action steps in every module, benchmarks of when to proceed to the next lesson, and even live webinars in which you can ask your questions and get answers from me personally.

Finally, I included the deep psychological lessons of transforming yourself from a guy who’s “clueless about women” to a man who has his pick of beautiful, amazing women.

As you become more and more successful, it’s not the tactics that’ll hold you back — it’s the psychology.

I break down exactly how you can overcome your deepest insecurities and become your ultra-confident self, activating your Masculine Magnetism permanently.

No other course includes all these helping hands, perfectly integrated.

And because I’m not going to give you any canned pick up lines, but you’ll know exactly what to say naturally… and it’ll work every time.

While I know this may sound like a lot of work, actually it’s not. It’s very easy… because it’s natural. It just gets you to activate the Masculine Magnetism that’s already there.

With Limitless, you will…


If you’re interested in getting more dating experience and seeing what it’s like to date many different types of women, then Limitless will show you exactly how.

If you’ve decided to go “all in” and want to have the ability to attract almost any woman you’re interested in, enjoy threesomes with hot models, experience a few long-term relationships with amazing women, and look back on your life with no regrets… then Limitless will take you there and be with you every step of the way.

And you will learn from someone you trust. Not a shady internet marketer posing as a dating coach, or a long-retired and rusty dating coach who is now a full-time internet marketer, or some kid bartender who thinks he knows how to pick up chicks and sells himself as a coach…

But instead, a man who has his Ph.D. from a world-renowned university in the USA, and a former professor at one of the top research universities in Asia.

A man who was featured in major national and international newspapers, TV shows, magazines, and even co-hosted his own national radio show. A man who has dated women you might’ve seen on billboards, in major magazines and runways, on TV shows and even in the movies.

A man who has been coaching infield longer than virtually any current dating expert… and a veteran dating coach with fully international experience — from North America to Asia to Australia — who is still constantly coaching “in the field”… almost every day.

As your dating and social life transforms, I’ll still be there to support you, and you’ll find Limitless’s advanced sections grow more and more useful. Let me give you a sneak peek…

Limitless includes a beautifully organized set of video courses, vault videos and audio, worksheets, and lots of valuable surprises.

All recorded and viewable online, so you can access it anywhere, any time.

To create the material for Limitless, I dissected every major experience I’ve ever had with women — the best and worst — well over 10 years in total — and systematically analyzed and set out the entire fool-proof system.

Approaching attractive women you see on the street, in the mall, in bars and clubs, anywhere.

Attracting her and getting her chasing you.

Creating a deep connection with her rapidly so she becomes quickly obsessed with you.

Getting sexual in a smooth and natural manner and having her become addicted to you.

Proceeding into the exact type of relationship you want to enjoy with her.

Developing a social life and lifestyle surrounded high-value people, so that beautiful women seek you out and pursue YOU.

It’s interesting that when you go from “theory” to actually building an incredibly attractive life and personality, you discover subtle nuances that weren’t obvious in the beginning.

I include the psychological aspects of overcoming rejection, conquering your deepest insecurities… even how to handle becoming too successful with women.

And finally, I included benchmarks at every step of the program, so you’ll know if you’re on track (and if not, exactly what to fix).

  • Module 1 – Masculine Magnetism In Attraction — Using the 80/20 Rule to Get Permanent Results with Women
  • Module 2 – Masculine Magnetism In Your Image — Meet Women Easily and Naturally and Have Them Think of YOU as The “Hot Guy”
  • Module 3 – Masculine Magnetism In Attraction . Social Momentum, Mindset Hacks, and Your Primer on Approaching and Opening
  • Module 4 – Masculine Magnetism In Conversation Lift Off! — Social Momentum, Mindset Hacks, and Your Primer on Attraction
  • Module 5 – Masculine Magnetism In Your Image Meet Women Easily and Naturally and Have Them Think of YOU as The “Hot Guy”


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David.Tian.Limitless.  (3.00 GB)
David.Tian.Limitless.  (3.00 GB)
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