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Photographers: how many weddings do you do each year? Five? Ten? Fifty?

That adds up to lots of weddings, and even more photos! Enough photos to challenge anyone’s workflow or anyone’s photo wedding editor.

If you’re like most of us, you are constantly treading that fine line between working quickly and achieving beautiful results. Not to mention keeping your sanity, too!

After all…you don’t want to spend the entire wedding season fussing with photo editing. Right?

You want to get great results quickly and get your life back. But unfortunately, you can’t seem to find a Workflow that quite meets your needs.

Wedding photography is magical, but comes with a lot of pressure. You know the happy couple will be looking at your work for years to come, and it has to be just perfect in every way.

How about getting the dramatic results you envision…and still having time to relax and enjoy some of those weddings?

The solution is right here.

A Simple Three-Step Workflow

Parker Photography’s innovative Lightroom Workflow is a seamless three-step process. With this deal, you get to learn each step in detail. You also get insider information as to why this process works so beautifully…and so quickly.

Best of all: once you know the nuts and bolts of this Workflow, you can adapt it to your own. After all, nothing is set in stone, and every artist is different. You will be able to create your own intuitive and effortless workflow based on the three steps that you learn here.

And when it’s time to take on that process, you don’t have to go it alone! The deal also includes access to a private Facebook group in which you can ask questions and get assistance from experts and colleagues.

Great photographers are constantly improving their workflow, building up to the best possible results to reach their potential, or even exceed it. That’s why Pro Tips tutorials are included in this package, to make your editing process even faster.

Have you ever thought of saving time by applying edits during the import process? Well, you’ll learn how to do that here! And you’ll be stunned by the amount of time you’ll save. One day you’ll find yourself editing 20 images You’ll in a mere 30 seconds. A feat you never imagined possible will now become commonplace.

Oh, and there’s one more thing that can’t be revealed here…a secret weapon if you will. Suffice it to say that it makes use of something your camera and Lightroom have in common to achieve incredibly fast, precise and accurate photo edits.

More Than Just a Wedding Photo Editor…

If you’re just looking for a wedding photo editor, we think it’s only fair to tell you that this isn’t that. It’s so much more.

This is an entire system for creating spectacular wedding photography with almost no stress or hassle. It is a packaged workflow, where every aspect of the process flows effortlessly together.

You have lifetime access to every stunning effect you could want for wedding photos, now or in the future.

For a limited time, you can gain access to this incredible deal for a one-time fee of $15. This price gets you the complete package of Lightroom photo editing tools which you can use for a lifetime and for an infinite number of weddings.

This product will more than pay for itself the first few times that you use it, leaving behind a legacy of gorgeous, incomparable photos to be enjoyed by generations.

A Wealth of Pro Tips and Tools

Besides learning to master a lightning-fast Lightroom workflow with pro tips for quick editing, you will learn the following irreplaceable skills. The Lightroom presets to go with them are also included in the deal!

• Removing objects (like cars or dress straps)
• Removing skin blemishes
• Adding contrast and/or highlights to hair (a Lightroom preset is included)
• Whitening teeth
• Adding eyeliner
• Fixing blown out highlights in a wedding dress
• Making your subjects “pop”
• Adding a spotlight
• Improving depth-of-field by blurring your background


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