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Lightroom was created with the photographer’s workflow in mind. Unlike Photoshop, it can manage all of the necessary tasks photographers need to deliver a final product — importing, organizing, developing, and exporting — all within one app. Mastering the workflow functions within Lightroom will ensure that you spend more time behind the camera and less time in front of your computer.

Editorial photographer Jake Hicks has created a 500px Class that will teach photographers how he uses Lightroom’s tools to maximize his time. Below is a preview of the Class tutorial, “Lightroom Workflow for Editorial Photographers”, in which Hicks demonstrates his process for adding contact information to all of his photos by using a metadata preset upon import.

Join Jake Hicks’ “Lightroom Workflow for Editorial Photographers” Class to learn techniques for optimizing Lightroom’s Library, Develop, and Export modules. This class is more than a basic Lightroom tutorial; it’s a deep dive into the application from the perspective of an editorial photographer that will greatly improve your workflow. He will be participating in a live Lightroom demonstration on Friday, Oct. 6th, 3pm EST. This is your chance to ask Jake all your Lightroom questions and pick up some new tricks.

What you’ll learn

– Importing photos into Lightroom
– Customizing metadata
– Using the Library module to rate and organize your photos
– Editing your photos with Lightroom’s Develop module
– Creating presets for exporting photos


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Course content:


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