Lightroom CC Made Easy! Find Out Where Editing Starts & Make Your Images POP! | File Size  3.4 GB| Free download

Have you ever wondered where to start your editing in Lightroom?  No worries, most photographers do AND you’ll learn exactly where to start your editing.  The answer to that question may not be what you’re expecting.

Not only will you learn where to start your editing, but you’ll also learn how to edit and how to not over edit.  There are some hidden tools, in Lightroom, designed to assist in not over-editing.  Plus, some often overlooked tools you should be using on all images…. to edit like a pro.

Every tool/feature in Lightroom CC is covered in this class.  And you’ll follow along as we edit my BFF: Echo.  Just download the resource files to practice what you learn.

Oh, and I’m available for questions too!  Just post your questions below.  I’d love to see some of your before and after edits too!  Feel free to post those below too.

Are you ready to learn how to edit your photos, in Lightroom CC, like a pro?

Let’s do it!

Still not sure if this class is right for you?  Here are what some recent students had to say about this class…


Lightroom_CC_Made_Easy__Find_Out_Where_Editing_Starts_Make_Your_Ima…   (download)
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Course content:

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Lightroom_CC_Made_Easy__Find_Out_Where_Editing_Starts_Make_Your_Ima…   (download)
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Lightroom_CC_Made_Easy__Find_Out_Where_Editing_Starts_Make_Your_Ima…   (download)
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