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Do you want to see how to set up cinematic shots – step-by-step? This set of twelve cinematography tutorials gives you exactly that – detailed information on equipment, camera settings, camera and lights positioning (including diagrams) and color correction.

The equipment I use is affordable to most indie filmmakers. Plus, I present do-it-yourself alternatives to make it possible to achieve these great-looking shots on the smallest of budgets.

The set gives you twelve varied lighting scenarios that will greatly enhance your films, music videos, commercials and other video projects. Some of the lighting styles covered include: horror films, romantic comedies, stylized music videos and natural outdoor lighting.

By reproducing these twelve cinematic shots in your projects, you will not only impress your audiences and clients, but also build a foundation on which you can experiment and develop your own creative shots. Reproducing the work of others and then enhancing it with your own ideas is the best way of learning. This is exactly how I learned.


Lighting_Dozen_-_Cinematography_Tutorials.part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
Lighting_Dozen_-_Cinematography_Tutorials.part2.rar  (1.84 GB)

Course Content:

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pls upload more tom antos courses