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Lighting 3, Advanced Off Camera Flash is the third course in the Location Lighting Mastery Series and is all about multi-point lighting to create images that stand out from the crowd.  All techniques are demonstrated using a variety of highly portable gear and light modifiers and also include what we call “power translations” so that you can know the exact power settings used, and how to recreate that light with any flash or modifier you already own.

This course is fast paced, and builds upon knowledge from Lighting 1 and Lighting 2 to take you to a new level of lighting refinement, so be ready to dive in.  You will walk away with classic light patterns and formulas that are recipes to a unique and beautiful image no matter the scene or situation. You will learn lighting and special effects techniques to create images that will wow your clients.


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Course content:

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Direct download link please

Course Digger

Will be next couple of days.


I am waiting for the direct download link. There is one Jerry Ghionis course from Kelby one..Please share the direct download link for that too.


Thank you so much for the direct download link!

Course Digger

You are much welcome 🙂


Could you please upload as 2gb files instead of 5gb files.


Just downloaded but missing file 24… Any one willing to share it with me?