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If you understand your gear, you can get consistently better photos and video. This course helps photographers get up to speed quickly with the essential features and controls of Canon DSLRs—functionality shared by every model from the Rebel to the 5D Mark IV. It’s appropriate for new users and those transferring to Canon from other camera brands. Explore the shooting modes that go beyond “auto,” find out how to take photos and shoot 4K and HD video, and learn to adjust camera settings like ISO for specific situations, such as mixed lighting, fast movement, and low lighting levels. Instructor Rich Harrington also introduces the hardware and lens combinations that will help you achieve the best photos. Keep your camera close by while you watch to get the most from the course.

Topics include:

  • Reducing camera shake
  • Shooting in scene modes
  • Shooting in live view
  • Changing ISO and exposure in programmed auto mode
  • Using Autofocus
  • Focusing manually
  • Shooting in burst mode
  • Switching between metering modes
  • Shooting HDR images with exposure bracketing
  • Setting custom white balance
  • Shooting panoramas
  • Recording video
  • Controlling your camera with a smartphone
  • Sharing images with the Canon Camera Connect app


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Course content:

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