Learn Professional Video Editing with 7 Simple Hacks by Lambros Lazopoulos — SkillShare — Free download

This course is made for everyone that is looking to upgrade their editing game in the fastest way possible. During the past 4 years that I have worked as a filmmaker, I have learned some tricks that I like to call ‘hacks’ that are really really easy to implicate in your edits and will make them 10 times more professional.

This is a course that anyone can follow, from beginners to more advanced enthusiasts, and does not require the mastering of any editing software in particular.

It is aimed in delivering the core themes of 7 different concepts around filmmaking: slow motion, Speed Ramping, Transitions, Sound Design, Music and Color Grading

As I state in the introductory video of thi scopurse, If you pay attention to what I am trying to teach you, these will be 40 minutes of your time that are really going to assist you in your editing life!

Join me and lets decapitate together this beast called video editing.


learn-professional-video-editing-with-7-simple-hacks.zip   (download)
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Course Content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Learn-Professional-Video-Editing-with-7-Simple-Hacks/407081923

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