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Piano for Beginners: Learn Basic Chords & 14 Piano Tips to Improvise with Right Hand using Finger Tricks + Handshapes

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Basic Music Theory
  • Basic Harmonization to a Song
  • Chords Movement between Chord I, IV, V7
  • Learn how to start improvising with your Right Hand
  • Learn how to use your fingers in the Right Hand to make creative sounds
  • Learn to listen to the different sounds of chord progression in a song
  • Make a little change in the finger and you hear beautiful sounds
  • Add 3rds and 6ths to melody tones
  • Know how to harmonize a song with chords
  • A love to play piano
  • You want to make a start to play piano
  • You have never taken piano lessons and this is a good start for you
  • a keyboard or a piano

PIANO FOR BEGINNERS:  Learn Basic Music Harmony to harmonize a song with Basic Chords & 14 Improvisational Piano Tips for your Right Hand!

  • Have you ever wanted to know how to harmonize a song from scratch?
  • Do you have a method to harmonize a song?
  • Use my Easy Reharmonization Method!

Here’s the Secret:  You need to have a good firm foundation of music theory so that you can build color chords onto them.  You will learn how to harmonize a song using 3 Basic Chords.

This course covers 7 aspects of Basic Music Theory and 14 Piano Tips to Right Hand Improvisation to the song Away In A Manger.

Another Piano Tip:  Piano students have difficulty playing color tones with basic triad chords. In this course, I teach you 2T6 and 3T6 Secret Handshapes so that you can even add color tones to basic triad chords.

**3 Bonus Videos for Total Beginners who want to Read Music Quickly**


There are 2 Major Sections to this Course:

1.  Basic Music Theory

a. Song Structure

b. Musical Form

c. Musical Pattern

d. 7 Diatonic Chords

e. Basic Triad Chords

f. How To Quickly Read Music

g.  Harmony Rule to Harmonize a song with Chord I, IV, V7

h. Harmonize Away In A Manger with Chord I, IV, V7

2.  Practical PIano Techniques for Right Hand Improvisation


This course concentrates on giving you a variety of creative way to improvise with your right hand.  You need to learn how to make good use of your fingers, especially the middle finger: R3


1.  Piano Tip 1:  5 Finger Trick – One tone melody


2. Piano Tip 2: R3 Finger Slide Trick to make  Bluesy sounds


3.  Piano Tip 3: R1 – R3 Finger Trick – Melody in 3rds.


4.  Piano Tip 4:  Roll the Melody in 3rds & Echo


5.  Piano Tip 5:  R3 Finger Trick to create Mordant Triplet


6.  Piano Tip 6:  R3 Finger to create 5 Note Turn


7.  Piano Tip 7:  Secret Handshape of 2T6 to play Melody in 6ths easily


8.  Piano Tip 8:  Roll the 6ths


9.  Piano Tip 9:  R1 Thumb Trick to mix Melody in 3rds and 6ths


10.  Piano Tip 10:  Secret Handshape of 3T6 to splash in color tones


11.  Piano Tip 11:  Easy Techniques to Play Chord Inversions


12.  Piano Tip 12: Rosa’s Secret Technique of Transfer Chord


13.  Piano Tip 13:  Add a Tag to the ending of the Song – Amen Chord


14.  Piano Tip 14:  Easy F Key and Chord Inversions


Have fun playing Away In A Manger in a creative way improvising around the melody tones.


Have Fun!



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Who this course is for:

  • Total Beginners
  • Other students who do not know how to harmonize a song
  • Piano Players who want to learn some finger tricks to make playful sounds with the Right Hand
  • Piano students who need a quick start to go back to piano playing
  • Piano students who need motivation to get back to playing piano
  • Church pianists who need training to become more proficient in their performances


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