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Welcome to the „Entering Space – Learn Perspective in Procreate“ mini class series. In each mini-class we are exploring a type of perspective. In this class you will learn how to apply One Pont Perspective to your work.

One point perspective is the next step after understanding linear perspective and the basics, like placement, size and color usage, so I definitely recommend to take at first the class that explores these, namely: Entering Space – An introduction to Perspective in Procreate.

However, this class can also stand alone – you will be guided through simple, easy and practical exercises to be able to apply the knowledge – you will draw a furniture, a room and a landscape in one point perspective.

The class is perfect for total beginners and more experienced artists can also tak away someting from it. It is a great choice for anyone who is not yet incorporating perspective in their art or they are stuck at a level or they are  just not confident enough when it comes to perspective and don’t really understand the „Why?“- s. Adding space to your art might be intimidating, but in this class we will go step-by-step and dismiss all your fears.

It is crucial to at some point add space to your art. If you want to depict 3D objects, at a level, shading alone will not be enough. Learning how to get the right orientation of these objects, the right angles and placement, will make you more confident while illustrating and and will make your artworks look more professional. By the end of this class you will have a skillset that you can rely on anytime in the future.

We will use an iPad and Procreate to complete this class, but other digital programs, like Photoshop can be also used.

The class comes with 10 worksheets  a completely new Brush Pack and 6 color palettes.

This mini-class series is unique – there is no other course or program like this out there. These mini classes break down a complicated topic to digestible bits and doable projects, they combine basic theory with professional tips and a step-by-step instruction by which you learn by doing and apply the newly gained knowledge right away. After completing the class, you will be ready to add space to your art, how amazing is that?!

So, are you ready to dive deep into one point perspective? Let’s get started!


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Course Content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Learn-Perspective-in-Procreate-One-Point-Perspective/1291559108

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