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Whether you are an aspiring photographer or a working professional. Learning to edit your work on the go using the Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC is the way to go!

Lightroom Mobile is probably the most powerful image organising and processing app for iPhone & iPad available in the App Store today. I wanted to create a beginners guide to using the app but from a professional commercial photographers perspective…

Whether you shoot with a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. “Computational Photography” is the future and it’s pretty much NOW! As each new iPhone is released each September, the image quality and features only get better and much more powerful than the previous model. So, I am here for the smartphone evolution and using Lightroom mobile for 95% of my pro-work as well as personal images and you should as well.

Clients want their images like yesterday and being able to edit on the go whilst the shoot is ongoing or edit whilst you are chilling in front of the tv is the way forward for every photographer 😉


In this course, I cover all the basics of using Lightroom Mobile. I go into great detail so that after you finish the 30 Lessons (2 hours 15 mins) you will have a good grasp of the fundamentals of photo editing, image processing and photo organisation using the Creative Cloud.

I cover the following aspects of the Lightroom Mobile from a Commercial Photographers Perspective and in as much detail as I think you will need to make the most of the app.

– Image Organisation
– Keywords
– Profiles
– Presets
– Making Images w/ Lightroom Camera App
– Light
– Colour
– Effects
– Detail
– Optics
– Geometry
– Cropping

– Retouching ft Touch Retouch
– Selective Processing
– Adobe Sensai AI
– Photoshop Express Overview
– Sharing Images

Enjoy the course and look out for extra videos being added as Adobe update the app in the near future…


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Course content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Learn-iPhone-Photo-Editing-Using-Adobe-Lightroom-Mobile-A-Pro-Photographers-Perspective/1399212523


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