Learn Ethical Hacking: Carding Course — Udemy — Last updated 2/2021 — Free download

How to do carding in real

What you’ll learn

  • Complete carding from Zero to hero
  • People who want to learn carding , they just need a pc

Hello everyone, First of all this course is for educational purpose only. This course is for everyone, even if no one has any knowledge about carding. After doing this course, whoever does this course will definitely become a professional carder. This syllabus is designed for everyone, and everyone will understand this syllabus very easily as it is made in Hindi, so every Indian will understand this syllabus very easily and become a pro carder.

This course is designed for educational purpose only, if anyone does illegal activities after watching and learning this course, then neither I nor this course will be responsible for this illegal activity.

Carding is a cyber crime, and let me tell you about carding here and give you information about it. But if you do it realistically after learning from this course, it will be a cyber crime and an illegal activity, and I will not be responsible in any way for your illegal activity, only you will be responsible for it.

This syllabus has been made in Hindi so that every Indian can understand this syllabus easily and gain knowledge about carding.

I really enjoyed making this course and I hope you all enjoy it after watching this course.

And I also hope that all of you will learn something from my syllabus and you have gained knowledge from me and will do good work in future.

Who this course is for:

  • Ethical hacking
  • Ethical hackers


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Course Content: https://www.udemy.com/course/complete-carding-course-hindi/

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