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For people who have a camera and want to get started using it. Using the Learn, Do, Review method, the class will introduce some of the basics of photography and encourage students to get out and take their first photos. The class will focus more on the basics of getting started than the technical aspects of photography. Full Auto, Frame Your Shot, Take the Picture.

In my 20 years of teaching multimedia production, I have found that the Learn, Do, Review system is the best way to learn new skills. I am Brian Paris, and I’ve been training students all over the world to be better photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers by using the simple method that I have perfected over the years. I’ve seen a lot of other classes that lecture about cameras and shooting techniques. It is good information, but the best learning doesn’t stop there. That is just the start. After that YOU have to get out and use the principles, and then come back and evaluate your progress. In your LEARN, DO, REVIEW courses, that is precisely what we will be doing. So, get ready, because you won’t be able to just sit back for this one. You will be getting out and doing!


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Course content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/LEARN-DO-REVIEW-Photography-Quickstart-Guide/583653320

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