Learn 3D Fashion Design – Learn To Design, Animate and Render from The Comfort Of Your Home — SkillShare — Free download

You will learn how to navigate the 3D fashion interface of the amazing Marvelous Designer
You will take a tour of its tools and learn to use the main goodies it offers.
In addition, you will learn to load in your 3D model to Marvelous Designer.

You will draw out your pattern/ Design and learn the tools that help you create any pattern you ever wanted

You will learn to create different fabrics and garments in detail.

You will see how to add animation to your model, a Catwalk animation, and how the cloth moves with it.


learn-3d-fashion-design-learn-to-design-animate-and-render-from-the…   (download)
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Course Content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Learn-3D-Fashion-Design-%E2%80%93-Learn-To-Design-Animate-and-Render-from-The-Comfort-Of-Your-Home/1365595628

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