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Live Workshop – Beauty Retouching in Photoshop

Before starting photoshop beauty retouching on any image, it’s important to understand why we retouch. In this show Karl starts with the ‘where and why’ of retouching in relation to ‘where to lead the eye’ and ‘why to lead it there’.

In this live show Karl focuses on the post production techniques for retouching photos, showing the step-by-step process of retouching beauty photography using Photoshop.

He goes into detail about his retouching workflow and offers great advice on how to optimize what is usually a very time consuming process. With demonstrations on retouching skin in photoshop, as well as retouching hair and eyes, this show explores all the key components necessary to take a RAW image to its final stages.

In this retouching photos replay we cover the following:

  •  How to create aesthetically pleasing images in Photoshop
  •  Useful Photoshop tools for beauty retouching
  •  How to retain texture when editing an image
  •  How to use Burn & Dodge for retouching
  •  Working with visual aid layers: What are they and how to use them
  •  Optimizing your workflow
  •  Hue, saturation & luminance: How they influence an image
  •  The best lighting types for minimal retouching


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Course content: https://www.karltayloreducation.com/class/live-beauty-retouching/

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