I.C.E. Society – Chapter 97 — Jerry Ghionis — Free download

As we start off Chapter 97 we are excited to introduce Erin and Jeremy’s wedding day in Melbourne. Be sure to pay close attention to this wedding as it is now a multi-award winning capture which you are sure to enjoy.
For the Ice Pick section we cover bride’s coverage and the beginning of the day. A very unique feature of this wedding was that Jerry shot it with the intention of creating the album exclusively in Black and White.
Next the Posing and Lighting section Jerry reviews different methods of creating similar lighting patterns. View examples of the same pose in different settings to compare those light sources.
Member critiques are the topic for this months Advice section. Listen as Jerry reviews 10 images and an album discussing his opinion on ways to take the images to the next level.

This month we would like for you to meet the newest Ice Queen, Shae. Take a look as we preview her session with Kodi recently in the streets of a neighborhood in Los Angeles. It was all about the light. Limited time, limited locations?

The Practice section this month covers ways to handle those very things by posing multiple ways with one light in one location. We hope you get inspired the next time you find yourself in this situation. We often get the question about pricing and how to layout options to customers.

The Tip of the Iceberg in Chapter 97 will cover those very things. We will cover what we believe is the best approach to get you the best return and give your client the best experience.

Wrapping things up with the Icing On The Cake section, we compliment the start of the chapter with grooms coverage of Erin and Jeremy’s wedding day. It’s the perfect way to see bride and grooms coverage back to back to start envisioning the album design. Watch as Jerry doesn’t push a nervous groom but instead uses the emotion he is feeling to photograph him in a cool way to ease him in. With the help of the groomsmen, you will see the progression of Jeremy loosing up and natural reactions being captured.


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