I.C.E. Society – Chapter 99 — Jerry Ghionis — Free download

Welcome to Chapter 99. It’s hard to believe we are one month away from 100! Let’s get right to it. Last month we continued coverage of Erin and Jeremy’s wedding and we pick up the Ice Pick section with formals and portraits taken after the ceremony. Jerry started with candid coverage right after church and then segway into family and bridal party portraits.

For our Posing and Lighting this month section we have another quick tip on posing plus sized subjects. Listen as Jerry demonstrated how do to a great walking shot and also directs the bride’s face toward the light.
Every couple should have an album and that is exactly why Jerry takes time to design his albums with such thought and care. The Advice section this month continues the design of Peter and Pardis’ wedding album. We cover the next few spreads which feature the couple’s formal portraits, the ceremony and more.
How about another New York Ice Queen featuring Jordan this month. Jerry also photographed Jordan in a Manhattan neighborhood recently. Keep the ideas flowing.
Check out another great session Jerry recently captured during a recent seminar in our Practice section. Watch as he starts in an ordinary hotel room and then walked through a park using sunlight as his main source. capture.

Last month in the Tip of the Iceberg section we featured a recent article that Jerry did for Digital Photographer Magazine. We continue the 2nd part of that interview answering questions regarding opening a portrait studio. Read along some of the tips that might help you even if you already have an established studio.
We wrap things up with the Icing On The Cake section this month bringing you footage of a portrait Jerry recently did at a seminar. If you have heard Jerry explain shooting on the shadow side of the face and didn’t understand it, this is the perfect review for you.


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