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Anyone can snap a photograph and be lucky enough to get 1-2 beautiful shots, but do you have the skill set to get that money shot every single time, even if it means that you only get 15 mins with a celebrity? Portrait photography is all about capturing someone’s true essence, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this class.

In this class, Quavondo, who has been honored 18 times at the International Photography Awards, will walk you through his process and help give you the right tools to go into any situation with confidence knowing that it’s no longer up to chance. Sign up now and elevate your photography to the next level and become one of the most sought after portrait photographers in your city, or even the World!

What You’ll Learn

  • Getting Started. We’ll go over some of the basics to help get you focused for your shoot.
  • Research. We’ll discuss the importance of being prepared and how that is a key part in a successful shoot.
  • Lighting, Wardrobe, and Location. We’ll go over lighting and staging shots for the best outcome.
  • Breaking Down the Wall. We’ll take you through rules for connecting with your subject during a portrait shoot.
  • Setting Yourself Apart. We’ll wrap up the class by reviewing advanced techniques like angles, composition, and lenses.

What You’ll Do

In this class, you’ll create a series of portraits. We’ll cover everything you’ll need to to know in order to capture the perfect shot.


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Course content:

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