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Go behind the scenes of an on-location shoot. Learn how to plan and execute the shoot including finding assistants, models and volunteers to do a big shoot with a tiny budget. Then sit down and look over the shoulder of a popular in-demand and current working pro. See what he does in Post processing to make his image so compelling and contemporary. Every step is explained as you learn this latest techniques for working with Lightroom (Classic) and Photoshop CC.

Discover the methods behind the success of Von Wong

This is the only tutorial that’s shows Benjamin Von Wong’s entire process, start to finish. Join Ben on location at a towering desert, rock-scape. Watch him shoot the model and then process the entire image, start to finish. Not once, but with 3 different images. You will see the entire workflow with nothing held back. Watch over Von Wong’s shoulder and see exactly how he works in Photoshop and does his retouching.

You will learn frequency separation retouching, dodging and burning to shape and tone the image, liquify, compositing and extracting. He also shoots some smoke and shows you how to combine that into a photo for some awesome texture (the smoke images are included).

If all this isn’t enough, we end the session with Von Wong talking about his story, his adventures and his advice to you, with the most comprehensive and candid interview he has ever done. Find out how he became an internet sensation (Hint: with these tips, you can too!)

This inspiring video will motivate you to step up your photography and break out of your comfort zone. Why be ordinary, when the extraordinary is awaiting. If you have been waiting for permission to follow your dreams, this is it!

Become inspired and create epic images of your own and start an epic career!


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