INSTAGRAM COURSE: Believe in Your #Selfie: How to Build Confidence and Community on Instagram | File Size  1.9 GB| Free download

This is the Instagram course you’ve been waiting for!

Peg Fitzpatrick has built an engaged social media following of over 1.5 million followers starting from exactly zero. Her real-world expertise working with brands like Google, Virgin, Motorola, and T.J.Maxx have given her an unparalleled base of experience and she’s going to share it with you.

It’s time to invest in your social media by taking Believe in Your Selfie so you can stop guessing what to post on Instagram. Grab Peg’s secret playbook and run with it!


  • Bloggers who are ready to start using Instagram for business
  • Small business owners who want to learn how to market their business on Instagram
  • People who want to build an engaged community around their product or idea
  • Bloggers who want to start working with brands as ambassadors
  • You! If you’ve been struggling to figure out Instagram

What people are saying…

“I learned more about the hands-on nitty gritty of social media from Peg than I did in my from my entire MBA program. I’ve learned so much from her trainings, webinars, and blog posts. Her normal, day-to-day activities have changed my life for the better in ways you can’t begin to imagine.” Krista Liebmann, Head of Social Media and Blog at Get Response

“Peg is a powerhouse of productive creativity. Her talents are only bested by her openness and kindness. Peg is one of those rare individuals who is always full of optimism, who really delivers, and who is not afraid of innovation and collaboration. Peg Fitzpatrick is one of the best. She is not a talker–she is a person of action.” Bryant McGill, co-founder Simple Reminders


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