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What happens when you change vital pieces of your rig like computers, converters, and outboard gear, along with OS updates and more over a few years; and then have to recall a mix?

In this pureMix Exclusive tutorial, Multi Award Winning Engineer, Fab Dupont, opens the original session for Ulrich Forman’s song, “1234” and takes you throughhis system for recalling a hybrid mix full of analog hardware to reset, reverbs to re-time, and even a stereo tube-preamp to run the entire mix through.

Once the session is recalled, Fab breaks down how they took the song from a demo to a full production and deconstructs the mix, explaining every step of his thought process along the way.

Watch Fab explain:

  • His hybrid analog/digital setup
  • Patchbay routing
  • His recall note system
  • How he ran the entire mix through a stereo analog tube preamp from a spring reverb, and simultaneously created a level matched clean version of his mix “just in case”
  • How he used a real EMT 140 plate reverb and an AKG BX10 spring reverb
  • How to soften transients using tape plugins
  • The process of augmenting the original demo and turning it into an exciting completed production

This video is a unique look at Fab’s entire setup, his approach to hybrid mixing, production, and more.

Once you have seen how Fab does it, download the stems, and mix it yourself!

Watch Fab Dupont recall and deconstruct the mix of “1234” by Ulrich Forman. Only on


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